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[3] オークリーを海外から輸入してみました。

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[2] Wearing quality sunglasses can cause cataracts

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Summer, wearing sunglasses who have sprung up. Experts say that only high-quality Replica Oakley Sunglasses can filter out the sun's ultraviolet rays more than 96%, effectively protect the eyes, but also the light weakened. However, poor quality sunglasses will damage people's eyes, can cause severe cataracts. Why wearing quality sunglasses can cause cataracts do?
Sunglasses lenses currently on the market a variety of colors, with a shallow depth, but not the deeper the color sunglasses can filter out ultraviolet rays. Some of the poor quality of the glass lens, so that the light refraction, scattering, affecting vision. Some dark color lenses not only cannot filter out ultraviolet light, it will lead to a lot of ultraviolet rays enter the eye, damage the lens, leading to severe cataracts.
In addition, patients with glaucoma are not suitable to wear sunglasses, sunglasses weakened because of the light, glaucoma patients in order to be able to see, was forced to enlarge the pupil will result in intraocular pressure.
Experts point out that wearing a poor quality sunglasses, not only cannot play a role in protecting the eyes, sometimes it will cause damage to eyesight, severe cases may be caused due to prolonged wear sunglasses form deprivation myopia.
Therefore, experts recommend buying sunglasses best to the regular optical shop to buy them.
Summer should prevent "sunglasses syndrome."
Some young people in pursuit of fashion, the sunglasses as decorations, regardless of the intensity of light are wearing, and even some people have put myopia sunglasses photochromic lenses should not be worn all day long wearing, in fact, long- Time unscientific wear sunglasses, will produce headaches, irritability, cannot be long as the other symptoms, will lead to severe vision loss, blurred vision, experts this symptom called "sunglasses syndrome."
Lead to "sunglasses syndrome" causes the following two aspects:
A large frame sunglasses its optical center distance is greater than the distance between the pupil normal adult eyes, the eyes in order to see the target, to be greatly enhanced regulatory function of the workload, over time, lead to the occurrence of sunglasses syndrome;
2, anatomy and physiology indicates that there is a small hole in the bottom of the eye, called the infraorbital hole, this hole has an important nerve branches, namely the trigeminal nerve infraorbital nerve. It is distributed in the gape between the skin and the eye fissure nose, head of sensory functions. Since the weight of Oakley Sunglasses Cheap and mirror ring focus infraorbital nerve compression can lead to nerve distribution area of discomfort, as wearing time, there will be local skin numbness, dull, paresthesia, visual fatigue and other symptoms. Thus, not long wear sunglasses.

[1] 掲示板が完成しましたキラキラ

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