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[27] ZOTAC Tegra note 7 Tablet: first model of NVIDIA's reference platform unveiled

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Little more than a week we could you the reference of the NVIDIA Tegra Platform Note imagine Tablet PCs, sometimes many manufacturers can use it to build their own devices.

The company ZOTAC makes the beginning now and has introduced touch 7 Tablet PC the ZOTAC Tegra will go with a 7-inch touchscreen display with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution at the start. With on board a NVIDIA Tegra 4 is processor which ensures the necessary performance also quad-core and there will be a 5-megapixel, which is equipped with an HDR (high dynamic range) mode for photos and slow-motion video camera on the back to.

Still found a front-facing camera with a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels at the device and it is the Android 4.2 "Jelly Bean" operating system are used. The Tablet comes with a stylus and can be operated also with the digital pen. Also you will find some pre-installed games, including Zen Pinball THD and Eden to green. Other companies such as HP and PNY be in shortly present also their models on the NVIDIA Tegra touch platform. At what price and when to buy, there will be the model by ZOTAC in the trade is however still.

The technical data, specifications and data sheet of the ZOTAC Tegra note 7 Tablet:

7-Inch touchscreen display with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution

  NVIDIA Tegra 4 quad-core processor

  5 Mega pixel camera back with HDR mode and slow-motion video recording

  VGA camera front page


  Android 4.2 "Jelly Bean" operating system

  Pre-installed games: Zen Pinball THD, Eden to green

  Price/release date: unknown

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[26] Firefox mobile to attack Apple and Android

投稿者: kaptany 投稿日:2013年10月15日(火)01時20分26秒  通報   返信・引用

Firefox know many Internet browsers. Now, the developers on the Smartphone markt mix with - in the form of Firefox OS. The corresponding mobile phones now come to Germany. The cheap mobile phones to compete the cheap Smartphonekrone Apple and Android.

The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Congstar sold a Smartphone with the Firefox OS in Germany first. Congstar trying to convince to Smartphone users. There are Firefox mobile phones mainly in Latin America or Eastern Europe. The Firefox operating system is developed by the Mozilla Foundation, which is also behind the Firefox Web browser. It will compete with the dominant Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) phone systems.

Congstar is a mobile phone with the Firefox OS in the program, from October 15, said Managing Director Martin Knauer in Munich. The device should attract as entry-level smartphone users, which are still using a traditional cell phone without Internet capabilities. We want to convince customers that have today a so-called feature phone to a Smartphone. The device of manufacturer Alcatel will cost nearly 90 euros.

Plastikphones are the trend

  The Alcatel one touch"comes in a colorful plastic and with a diagonal screen size of 8.9 inches. The camera has 3.2 mega pixels. This is the equipment far behind current top models. "This is not the kind of coolness that is propagated by a well-known Smartphone manufacturers on the West coast of the United States," said Eric Vallet by Alcatel overlooking pioneer Apple. One touch is the ideal entry-level Smartphone Vallet compared the approach to major clothing chains, bringing cheap mass market trends. Would we sell clothes, we'd be Zara or H & M.

Attack the market leader over the price

  The favourable Firefox mobile phones especially people in developing countries in Latin America or Eastern Europe to enable access to the mobile Internet. The Mozilla Foundation also pursues another goal: you want to put the closed systems of Google and Apple. What makes Firefox OS is that this system is fully open, said Andreas GAL, who is responsible for the mobile development at Mozilla.

The source code is available on the Mozilla website, apps for Firefox mobile phones use a programming language that is also used in the Web with HTML5. That should make it more attractive for developers to build apps for Firefox mobile.

[24] HP with new Google Chromebook 11 November sale - may 100 euros more expensive than in the United States

投稿者: kaptany 投稿日:2013年10月10日(木)11時05分29秒  通報   返信・引用

Hewlett Packard (HP) brings a new Google Chromebook manufactured by HP with Google, on 20 October in the United States and the United Kingdom in the trade: the Chromebook 11. The price in the United States should be at 279 dollars (206 euro). In the Germany, Austria and the Switzerland there are probably the Chromebook 11 November 2013.

dubai online shopping

Here a significant surcharge but according to online reports may be - as so often in technology products from the United States - due. So the price in Germany could be according to media reports at around 319 euros (431,26 US dollars), what would be a good $100 more expensive than in the United States. As distribution platforms, Amazon, best buy and Google play are available, for example, in the United States.

With the new Chromebook 11 Google visits at the same time the manufacturer Samsung HP. The Chromebook 11 is the successor of the 250 dollar Chromebook Samsung from the year 2012. The Chromebook 5250 processor again has the ARM based Exynos, has 2 GB RAM memory and some meager 16 gigabyte hard drive, two USB ports. The new Chromebook (2.3 pounds, so 1.15 kg) is pleasantly light. The enclosure should be made of magnesium.

The old and new laptop Google has an 11-inch display at a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. That's enough for the usual requirements, but not for someone, the essential value sets on extreme display brilliance. Who needs that, should look for a laptop or Tablet PC, for example, with a display resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, this plan but significantly more money. Another advantage to the new Chromebook: You could look at the display almost in the "180-degree" perspective - just said in the 176-degree angle.

To resolve both Google, such as HP some previous weaknesses of Google Chromebook. This also includes that the user with the new Google Chromebook 11 via a micro-USB port has. Thus, for example, Android phones - such as the Samsung Galaxy phone - about the notebook can be charged (unless there is a cable for it).

Clearly, there are also dual-band WLAN (802 11n) as well as Bluetooth 4.0 models of Chromebook 11. As with Tablet PCs or notebooks, is a webcam available - but only with fairly poor resolution (VGA) 640 x 480 pixels. The battery run, alleges at least, up to six hours (30 wh).

The new Chromebook there in black or white, with the housing of the light metal is magnesium. It is unknown whether more previous issues of Google Chromebooks with the Chromebook 11 could be fixed. This includes for example, that the Google Chromebook - should have had problems after reports of US-blogs -, to be able to process numerous tabs that were open at the same time well.

If you have Google drive, are the 100 GB space available for two years. 12 Free "in-flight Internet sessions" be added. This means: who enabled this, could surf on an airplane in the Internet. In addition it should a trial subscription with 60 days of runtime for Google's music streaming service "play music all access" type.

But now it is clear: who would - have more extensive applications on his notebook such as graphical programs, tablet pc mini, computer games - who should buy a more powerful laptop. A possibility could be the Chromebook which Google with HP would like to bring in the autumn on the market - it should have a processor of Intel HASWELL, would be so faster and more stable.

[23] Samsung: Flexible display in Smartphone only with 720 p 4.7-inch

投稿者: kaptany 投稿日:2013年10月 6日(日)17時07分19秒  通報   返信・引用

In the last few days rumors circulated increasingly, that the Galaxy will get a spin-off with flexible display note 3. It was not finally clear whether the display is really flexible.

latest mobile phones

Now, one hears different tones, as is spoken from a Samsung Smartphone, which appears in an own lineup still at the end of the month. Despite a huge 5.7-inch display from the Galaxy is rated 3, the new flagship phone with a large 4.7-inch display be equipped. The resolution was 720 p, so-1280 x 720 pixels.

The pixel density is similar to that of this case with a Samsung Galaxy S3 or a Huawei Ascend P6, 'even more' good 312ppi.

When talking about a flexible display, not the housing is flexible, but the display from the factory is to be bent. You can turn as a result, not the display or the housing at will.

In the remaining facilities, fare as tidbits rather be used. As the device is powered by a previously undefined quad-core, has 2 GB RAM and an 8 megapixel camera. Even when extradition is Android 4.3 jelly bean aboard. Viewed from this side plays the Smartphone rather in the upper class, expected to reach annual sales figures but according to marketing.

The Golden October might have characterised still the one or the other delicacies for us, we expect among others have the idea of a new Nexus-smartphones / tablets, and a new iteration of Android.


[22] On the ears: Find the right headset for your Smartphone

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The display, the camera and the technical facilities are mostly up to date on android phones. When the supplied headset, save many manufacturers however and deliver uncomfortable ear plugs with blechernem sound and sometimes even without the phone function. Who invested some money, can talk the right headset not only comfortable with his friends, but also much better music.

Basically, there are various headsets for different smartphones and operating systems. The first question before buying should therefore be whether the headphones from your mobile are compatible. Many models are optimized for the iPhone, for example, but also work with Android phones. Any user but need an adapter.

In addition consumers must decide whether they want to rather listen to music with your headset or phone, says Jürgen Ripperger of the VDE Association of electrical engineering. Because many devices are better suited for one or the other activity.

For music playback, the expert recommends for example systems with two headphones - because just a stereo sound is to listen. To the headset only when calls are used, a variant is convenient, however, perhaps blocking only one ear. Above all music listeners must also decide between in-ear headsets or headphones light ironing.

It's more relaxed for the ear with the increasingly popular semi-open headphones with ironing. Ironing, these lightweight headphones are optimally and are very stable despite its low weight, says Bettina Seute telecommunications Portal Even after hours listening to music not press according to the on the earcups. VDE employees Ripperger also prefer the light bracket option: These headphones sound mostly balanced.

Who much on the phone with the headset, will mainly be understood and well hear his conversation partner. Therefore, in such cases, Bettina Seute advises rather to wired headphones. On the other hand, such a headset in some cases could disrupt rather than one without string, for example while driving a car.

When purchasing, consumers also should make what operating options with a headset. Keys to accepting and stop conversations, as well as to the volume are important in any case. On Android, there are some functions but only with paid apps such as headset button controller (2,29 euros) or headset droid (1.99 euros). Android and iOS users can control the phone function also via voice command.

Depending on the model of the customer for a high-quality Headphones Headset feature between 40 and 140 euro must spend Bettina Seute explains. A similar image also a test shows the magazine Max practice (Edition 2/2013), studied for the ten headsets were. On the first place, but came a quite expensive with 180 Euro model. But only comparatively cheap 50 euro are due for the runner-up.

[21] EU wants to prescribe micro-USB connector for smartphones

投稿者: kaptany 投稿日:2013年 9月28日(土)12時03分10秒  通報   返信・引用

Earlier, each mobile phone manufacturer had its own proprietary connection for the charger of its devices - this has led not only to a gruesome mess of cable, but also tons of electronic waste. 2009, the European Commission urged therefore the industry to develop a uniform standard. The choice fell on the micro-USB port, all hardware manufacturers use. All? No, a small company from Cupertino opposes this directive and used an own plug design.

ZOPO ZP990A 6.0 Inch mobile phone

Apple while actively participated in the development of the micro-USB standard for smartphones and tablets, doesn't follow it but as a single company. While the company behaves according completely, because it stipulates that other ports are allowed by offering a micro-USB adapter.

Yesterday, members of the consumer protection Committee of the European Parliament for a new Bill have voted, which should - make the previous directive now binding for all manufacturers without trickery with adapters. This draft must be adopted now by the EU Parliament.

Because most already put manufacturers on the micro-USB standard, this Bill would only impact on Apple. Until we now but the first iPhones and iPads with micro-USB port to face get, but some time in the country's going. In addition you may assume, that Apple will be not very happy about this development, electronics companies in uae, and certainly a lot in movement uses to maintain the own default.

[20] Samsung Galaxy is working according to insider information on new high-end Smartphone

投稿者: kaptany 投稿日:2013年 9月27日(金)11時15分38秒  通報   返信・引用

According to the insider information on the Korean site "ETNews", Samsung is working on a high-end mobile accessories with metal housing. It will appear likely to diminish in the coming year under the name "Samsung Galaxy F".

The latest high-end Smartphone of the Galaxy series that Samsung Galaxy S4, sold better than its predecessor. However, as Statussymbold of the Android community, it competes with equal representatives of competitors, including the HTC one and the LG G2. Now, Samsung wants to pay but still a fun, reported the South Korean site "ETNews". There it is, Samsung am currently working on a new high-end Smarthone. Therefore, F Samsung Galaxy get a metal housing, an Exynos-octa-core processor as well as a 16-Megapixel front camera.

Samsung Galaxy q: a Smartphone of the upper upper class

The story sound strange but equally plausible, writes Andreas Floemer on AndroidNext. "Samsung has his Galaxy series, which until not too long ago as the absolute top class in the Android sector was traded, even diluted." A new smartphone with quality exterior and premium hardware Samsung could secure the absolute top spot again in the field of Android smartphones.

Especially the housing issue is exciting: the Samsung Galaxy Gets a metal housing, F Samsung responds one of the most popular criticisms over his Galaxy series. Its current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a housing made of polycarbonate - and therefore less elegant than the one of HTC or iPhone 5 s. Recently, rumors have suggested that Samsung deal with a manufacturer for the delivery of aluminium enclosures.

Is the price of Samsung Galaxy F expected according to current information in the field of the Samsung Galaxy touch 3, maybe even. The 5.7-inch unit of South Koreans today celebrated its nationwide launch and is available with 32 gigabytes of internal memory from about 700 euros. An exact release date of the Samsung Galaxy F not called "ETNews", however, it is the speech of a planned launch in the coming year.

[19] Alcatel one touch: E-Ink cover for the Smartphone

投稿者: kaptany 投稿日:2013年 9月26日(木)02時26分33秒  通報   返信・引用

Alcatel one touch equips its Smartphone flagship hero with an E-Ink cover. The E-book reader to make the device in the blink of an eye.

Afone X920 4.7" Cell Phone

The smartphone maker 2013 introduced the hero on the IFA Alcatel one touch. In addition to the unit there to see a lot of accessories - including a protective case with E-Ink display. The case turns the phone into the E-book reader and displays useful information. So you save it about, turn on the screen to see the time.

E-Ink cover for Alcatel One Touch Hero

Thanks to E-Ink display, read digital books and newspapers even in direct sunlight. You are not dependent on a backlight. E ink is also viewing angle-stable and acts almost as printed. This is good also the battery: the digital ink consumes power only when changing the displayed content. However, it is questionable whether the E-Ink display protection is good. Perhaps the sensitive case needs even a cover.

Price and availability

CNET reported that the Alcatel One Touch Hero come October 2013 on the market. Price it to move in the upper class: 500 to 600 dollars are planned.

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[18] HP Omni 10 tablet with Intel Bay Trail platform and Windows 8.1 OS announced

投稿者: kaptany 投稿日:2013年 9月24日(火)19時43分1秒  通報   返信・引用

As the next announcement from the segment of Tablet PCs, we would like to now the new HP Omni 10 Tablet PC imagine, which probably will be released in the coming winter in the trade, with an exact price still not behind us.

huawei tablet pc

The new HP Omni 10 Tablet PC is somewhat out of sequence, including the Windows 8.1 operating system being equipped, which is shortly before the launch. With on board is also Microsoft Office 2013 in the field of software and for the operation a 10.1-inch installed touch screen display, which supports a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

In terms of processing power, it falls back on the new Intel Bay Trail platform and has built nuclear an Intel processor from the 3000 series. There are also 2 GB of memory available and the internal memory can be further increased using a MicroSD memory card. The other connection options include micro-HDMI, Microusb and available for the wireless exchange of data Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n and Bluetooth.

A battery with up to nine hours takes over the power supply and for photo and video recording camera on the back has installed you also still an 8-megapixel. The price will start at about ? 400.

The technical data/specifications/data sheet of the HP Omni 10 Tablet:

10.1-Inch full HD touchscreen display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution

  Intel Bay Trail (Atom Z3000) processor

  2 GB RAM

  Micro-USB, MicroSD card slot, micro-HDMI

  Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, Bluetooth

  Up to 9 hours battery

  Windows 8.1 operating system

  Microsoft Office 2013 software

  8 Mega pixel camera back

  Release date: Expected November 2013

  Price: estimated from ?400

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